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3G antenna classification and choice
Jun 13, 2017

3G antenna antenna is divided into: 1. Omnidirectional antenna 2. Directional antenna 3. Mechanical antenna 4. Antenna 5. Dual polarized antenna. Here are the first to introduce the brothers are more concerned about the orientation and omnidirectional antenna. Antenna Introduction:

Omnidirectional antenna

Omnidirectional antenna, that is, in the horizontal map shows 360 ° are uniform radiation, that is, often said that no direction, in the straight pattern on the performance of a certain width of the beam, usually the smaller the lobe width , The greater the gain. Omnidirectional antenna in the mobile communication system is usually used with the suburbs of the large system of the station type, cover large scale. In the mobile communication system is usually used in the urban community system of the station type, cover small size, user density, high frequency utilization. WIFI antenna

Orientation is divided into reflective and oriented orientation. Reflective: more common are: Shuangling, the Great Wall flat. Such an antenna mainly by the reflected signal to reach the oscillator to operate.

Lead type: more common are: 8 wooden stack Shuangling is both, the main signal source: is leading in front of the Ling, behind the reflector. Mainly by reflection, so that reflective type. Omnidirectional antenna: more common with 9db.8db. 7db.6db.5db 2db directional antenna: stacked Shuangling

3G antenna antenna selection: The antenna above the main emphasis on the launch, they believe that the principle of receiving and launch similar to the principle. Launch to consider a power problem, because if the antenna is not good, in the case of power is too large, the launch of the power is not fired out of the very simple (in short, that is, large waves, resulting in power back bite) damage machine. Friendly tips: the use of high-power routing and network card brother, in the case of unsettled antenna technology specifications, as far as possible to reduce the power point, enough to use.

On the selection of the antenna, the key is still depends on the use of the environment. If the community is less than 6 layers of the environment, the horizon is not open between 20-50 meters there are resistance to the material, advocated the use of omnidirectional or flat antenna. Their referral: 9db, 8db, 7db.

If it is a small high-rise, perhaps the cell marginal environment (horizon open, the signal in the distance). Advocated the use of Yagi, 14db above flat. Such antennas are intended for use in the 100-800 meter scale.

Use the distance of more than 1000 meters, the characteristics of publicity, love and urban management of the brothers, to pick the grid, Wei - hot pot. 4G antenna

Antenna data selection: on the scale of the drawings: For example, Shuangling, reflective plate can add a little increase in the role of the other according to the drawings do not have to change the