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3G antenna technology in which areas of application
Jul 24, 2017

Mobile Communications is rapidly delivering capacity pressure to the system, making it easy to use radio spectrum with a wide range of focus. Smart antenna skills are considered to be one of the most useful ways to further improve spectrum utilization. This article first introduces the concept of smart antennas and its value in improving the capabilities of the wireless system (capacity, concealment and new affairs). On this basis, the second part of the article on the smart antenna operating principles and skills to carry out the status of the description. Because now 3G is China's communication system in the use of research points, so the follow-up of this article on the smart antenna skills in a variety of 3G communication system in the use of a point of comment. In addition to TD-SCDMA has been included in the use of smart antenna standardization, the article cited a number of FDD in the case of the use of intelligent 3G antenna research and field experiment results, illustrates the skills in the WCDMA and cdma2000 prospects.

With the rapid development of mobile communications, more and more business will be carried out through the radio wave approach, limited spectrum of resources facing the ever-increasing capacity of the pressure required. On the second generation of mobile communication system GSM, in some large cities in China has now presented a difficult situation of capacity supply, the cell radius of the cell is now very small, and now as the use of research points 3G and its business will undoubtedly The network capacity has a higher request. High-speed data services will serve as a primary feature of 3G network services, which makes the network data traffic, especially the direction of the general direction of a significant improvement. Therefore, in order to complete the 3G system in the second generation system with significant difference between the service, fully embodies the 3G system in the affairs of the advantages of the network capacity will be the network operators must point to consider the issue. On the current situation, the smart 4G antenna skills will be one of the most useful way to improve network capacity, especially on the 3G in the self-interference as the main way to disturb the communication system.

Antenna pattern gain characteristics can be based on signal conditions in real-time adaptive changes in the antenna known as the smart antenna. With the ordinary antenna to some of the main radio frequency is different from the smart antenna, including some radio and signal processing and control some. Together, because the terminal in the scale and cost constraints, so now on the smart antenna research will be concentrated in the base station side, we are following the intelligent WIFI antenna also refers to the use of the base station.

Now, the base station is using omni-directional antennas or sector antennas, which have a fixed antenna pattern, and the smart antenna will have a pattern feature that changes in real time based on signal conditions