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4G antenna gain effect
Jun 20, 2017

Usually in the steel structure is usually based on the working conditions of simple beam to comment, that is, in the beam to stop, no change or axial restraint, in the lateral unrestrained beam, the steel beam bending depends on The flexibility of the beam is usually smaller than the plastic bending resistance of the cross section of the beam. When the beam is long, the twist of the main axis along the beam will be accompanied by the lateral displacement and change in the weak axis direction, that is, In the beam, the bending of the beam can depend on the plane of the beam plane plane twists and turns, will not change the landscape changes, so most of the engineering practice with the use of horizontal binding beam. The steel beam will have a temperature rise and a temperature gradient as well as the column. The rise of the beam will cause the additional bending stress of the steel column or the adjacent structure to produce additional compressive stress. On the steel beam should pay attention to its swelling and catenary effect on the steel column and the surrounding structure of the impact, especially on the side of the structure, should be checked in this regard. Therefore, the use of fire retardant coating on the protection of steel beams is also necessary.

In order to compare the antenna to accept the signal to the good or bad. The sensitivity of the non-directional half-wave antenna (its two circles) is set to 0 dB, compared to the high sensitivity of the 4G antenna with a high gain. The omnidirectional omnidirectional 4G antenna gain is defined as 1. In fact, the so-called aspiring omnidirectional antenna does not exist in the actual international, but in this ambitious conditions, can be very simple to calculate the space in the microwave power distribution. The maximum radiation of an actual antenna, like the actual power of the transmitter, can be used to derive the gain of the antenna as compared to the power measured by the azimuth of the actual antenna, and the speaker said that the half-wave oscillator is an omnidirectional antenna with a gain of 1 It is not always stable, it is omnidirectional on the H plane, but on the E side, the main lobe half power width of 90 degrees, the antenna gain is greater than 1.4G antenna gain and active circuit gain is fundamentally different.

4G antenna gain measurement

The test equipment is a signal source, a spectrum analyzer or other signal receiving device and a point source radiator.

1. First with the ambition (of course, is about the ambition) point source radiation antenna, to participate in a power; and then from the antenna must be in the direction of the use of spectrum analyzer or acceptance equipment to accept power. The measured acceptance power is P1

2. Use the measured antenna, participate in the same power, repeat the test in the same direction, measured the acceptance power of P2;

3. Accounting gain: G = 10Lg (P2 / P1)

In this way, the gain of the antenna is obtained


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4G Antenna