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4G antenna than the difference between the 5G antenna where
Jun 17, 2017

G is the abbreviation of the English word Generation (for the meaning of the X generation). Thus, 5G is the fifth generation of mobile communication skills. 2G is imitation skills, the current China Mobile and Telecom in the call when the phone will still fall back to 2G collection, the second generation to complete the digital voice communications, China Unicom is currently in the call when this is the case; 4G antenna is now we are Use this, you can complete the high-definition voice, the current Chinese mobile is testing. As for the 5G, not only faster than the 4G antenna, and power consumption is far below the 4G antenna, then everyone will not run the traffic Faster? Maybe the price is not low? 4G in the morning lost a house so 5G will be more fear? China Mobile Vice President Li Zhengmao has been talking about the request 5G period of telecommunications equipment a substantial price reduction, the performance of 4G to 5G period, unit bit transmission costs down 1000 times, then we also hope that the price of telecommunications equipment also fell 1000 times, the cost is the resolution of the operation Business in the data period can be the crux of profitability.

Initially: In fact, the current collection of 4G antenna cover is not really good, many users in the house when there is no 4G signal, but 5G will be officially commercial in 2020, there are four years of confidence operators will 4G The antenna to achieve maturity and cover beyond 3G, of course, and even 2G, because the four operators in the four years to complete high-definition voice calls, but 2G in 2020 will be able to die, after all, this local investment still Pretty big