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Adjustable Smart 3G Antenna Analysis and Optimized Network Masking
Oct 27, 2017

Adjustable Smart 3G Antenna

Now, the current network selection of intelligent 3G antennas are used pre-set down and mechanical down-dip method to adjust the 3G antenna tilt angle. Although this method can also be satisfied to cover up the request, but in the use of the project also exposed a number of mechanical downside angle can not overcome the defects, such as: adjust the dip angle difficult, in the network optimization project, the demand for a lot of human capital, Low power; because the choice of mechanical down, the site in the shade project, the shade cover the need to set aside a larger tilt angle conditioning space, the formation of a huge shadow project; in the large point of view when the horizontal cover cover distortion, and with the insertion And the main polarization characteristics of the deterioration of the level before and after the ratio and no downward trend is not common.

It is precisely because the practice of intelligent 3G antenna there are not overcome these defects, the development and use of intelligent 3G antenna will certainly become the future TD-SCDMA smart 3G antenna to start one of the important trends. The ESC 3 antenna has the following advantages:

Can be completed beam down angle of the successive dynamic adjustment, the network optimization dynamic real-time adjustment does not need to close the station, to balance the timely cover, capacity, interference and other aspects of the opposition;

In the vertical structure of the device, do not need to consider the dumping space, the device is simple and reliable, and easy to beautify;

The monitoring database retains the adjustment data and historical data of the 3G antenna beam at each site, facilitating contact with long distance monitoring and optimizing network masking