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Antenna is used in agricultural networking management system
May 19, 2017

Agricultural networking management system, integrated environmental monitoring system (wireless transmission technology), real-time remote access to a variety of greenhouse

Data; product traceability system, the use of advanced RFID radio frequency technology to achieve the safety and quality of agricultural products traceability system, can be traced back,

Fundamentally solve and prevent the occurrence of food safety incidents. Remote intelligent control equipment, improve product quality, to achieve greenhouse information,

Intelligent remote management to improve crop quality and yield.


Gaoke Communication antenna factory production of the terminal antenna, RFID antenna after a long learning, is now mature to apply to agricultural networking management

system. Gaoke antenna factory as a professional antenna manufacturer in China, the frequency (2.4GHz antenna, 3G / 4G antenna, RFID antenna) terminal antenna Chia Tai

Batch application in all areas of wireless signal coverage program.