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Application of WIFI Antenna and WLAN Antenna
Jul 10, 2017

WIFI antenna, WLAN antenna frequency is 2.4G, can be applied to the router, the wireless router in the choice of WIFI antenna, pay attention to the antenna connector and the device connected to the device is matched, the general WIFI with SMA and TNC Is mainly used in the router, but the 2.4G wireless monitoring device on the connector if the match, but also to enhance the effect of enhanced wireless signal transmission antenna base magnetic, can be sucked on the surface of metal objects, making the antenna to receive the signal stronger plug With, without any additional conditions.

     WIFI antenna products can be divided into multi-type, there are: sucker antenna, terminal antenna, plate antenna, Yagi antenna, omnidirectional glass fiber reinforced plastic antenna .... welcome new and old customers to inquire, thank you!