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Design Considerations for WIFI Antenna in Different Operating
Sep 29, 2017

Bluetooth transmission is based on a light network (Piconet) as a base, a light inside the network can simultaneously exist seven Bluetooth slave device (Slave) and an automatic device (Master), in the same light all within the network The frequency hopping sequence of the slave device is necessary to cooperate with the automatic device. As shown in Figure 5, it is possible to allow point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, and multiple optical networks to be connected to each other under the root of the lightweight network. In these forms, both the automatic and slave devices in the optical network are required to communicate with the slave or the automatic device at any time in the network, the antenna radiation field used by these devices is necessary. Approximate omnidirectional, if the use of the antenna is too high to do the transmission or acceptance, will form the two Bluetooth devices between the signal at some relative angle can not be normal transmission. Figure 6 is in the indoor environment using a fixed access device (Access Point, AP) to communicate with other Bluetooth devices in the form of. As the access device AP has been fixed in the room for some of the appropriate orientation in order to carry out the indoor Bluetooth device data transmission, so the use of AP equipment in the antenna does not necessarily need omnidirectional, but according to the device orientation and transmission scale Designed in a fixed direction with high directivity of the antenna to get the best transmission. As for the other Bluetooth devices are still the most directional antenna can meet their needs.