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fiberglass antenna is not suitable for indoor use
Jun 05, 2017

1. Why is fiberglass antenna not suitable for indoor use?

A: There may be a lot of people will note that it is linksys or dlink such an international brand, they usually produce equipment only 7db or 5db, 2db antenna, but rarely see the market have their 9db or higher gain Of the indoor omnidirectional antenna appears, according to our understanding, indoor use, 7db antenna has been fully meet the requirements, 7db above the antenna, because the angle is smaller, can not play an advantage in indoor use may also be counterproductive. So we recommend that more than 9db omnidirectional antenna must be recommended in the outdoor use, as is also said that the indoor wall with a good effect, this argument can not afford to verify, do not have to believe too.

2. Why is it called omni-directional antenna, there is a vertical angle that?

A: Generally speaking, the omnidirectional antenna is: the horizontal radiation angle of 360 degrees of the antenna, the vertical was fan-shaped launch, the angle is generally 6 ~ 15 degrees, the higher the gain, the smaller the vertical angle, for example, 9db antenna , The radiation angle can be done about 14 degrees, while the FRP antenna can do about 8 degrees is the limit.

3. Why in the same location, 15db antenna reception is not as good as 9db or less gain antenna good effect? The higher the gain, the smaller the vertical angle

4. The above problems are seen, FRP in the end for what environment to use it?

A: Because the vertical angle is small, only 6 ~ 8 degrees in the horizontal launch signal, so the glass fiber reinforced plastic antenna is widely used in plain areas of wireless coverage, and the same level of location of the wireless coverage, and the same level of location environment, wireless coverage , If the frame in a higher position, you can only send the signal to the far position, and near or there is a high degree of difference but not covered