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GPS Antenna introduce
Apr 26, 2017


⒈ from the polarization of the GPS antenna is divided into vertical polarization and circular polarization.

With the present technique, the effect of vertical polarization is less than circular polarization. So in addition to special circumstances, GPS antenna will use circular polarization and linear polarization.

⒉ from the place on the GPS antenna is divided into built-in antenna and external antenna.

The location of the antenna is also very important. Early GPS handheld use of external antenna, this time the antenna and the whole internal isolation, EMI almost no impact on it, the star effect is very good. Now with the miniaturization of the trend, GPS antenna built-in use. At this point the antenna must be above all metal devices, the shell must be plated and well grounded, away from EMI interference sources, such as CPU, SDRAM, SD card, crystal, DC / DC.

Car GPS applications will become increasingly common. While the car's shell, especially the automotive explosion-proof membrane will be a serious obstacle to the GPS signal. An external antenna with a magnet (capable of adsorbing to the roof) is very necessary for car GPS.

3. From the power supply is divided into active and passive.

External GPS for the active antenna, compared to the gamma Gamma GPS external antenna is basically an active antenna. That passive antenna is not including LNA amplifier, but the antenna body.