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GPS antenna performance is mainly affected by the following aspects
Jun 29, 2017

1, ceramic pieces: ceramic powder is good or bad and sintering process directly affect its performance. The ceramic tile used in the market is mainly 25 × 25, 18 × 18, 15 × 15, 12 × 12. The larger the ceramic sheet area, the greater the dielectric constant, the higher the resonant frequency, the better the acceptance. Ceramic pieces are mostly square design,

Is to ensure that the resonance in the XY direction is basically the same, so as to achieve the effect of uniform convergence. The same time as the above-

       2, silver layer: ceramic antenna surface silver layer can affect the antenna resonance frequency. The ideal GPS ceramic chip frequency pin exactly falls on 1575.42MHz, but the antenna

Frequency is very susceptible to the surrounding environment, especially in the machine, must be adjusted by adjusting the shape of the silver coating to adjust the frequency to re-maintain

1575.42MHz. So the GPS machine manufacturers in the purchase of the antenna must be with the antenna manufacturers to provide the whole sample for testing. The same time as the above-

       3, feed point: ceramic antenna through the feedback point to collect the resonance signal and sent to the back-end. Due to the impedance of the antenna, the feed point is generally not on the antenna

Of the center, but in the XY direction to do minor adjustments. This impedance matching method is simple and does not increase the cost. Only move in the uniaxial direction

For a single biased antenna, both axes are moved to be called biased. The same time as the above-

     4, amplification circuit: carrying ceramic antenna PCB shape and area. As the GPS has a touch to the characteristics of the rebound, when the background is 7cm × 7cm uninterrupted large

, Patch antenna performance can be played to the extreme. Although subject to the appearance of structural constraints, but try to maintain a considerable area and uniform shape. enlarge

The choice of circuit gain must match the backend LNA gain. Sirf's GSC3F requires that the total gain before signal input should not exceed 29dB, otherwise the signal is supersaturated

Produce self-excited.

     GPS antenna has four important parameters: gain (Gain), standing wave (VSWR), noise figure (Noise figure), ax ratio (Axial ratio).

Which emphasizes the shaft ratio, which is a measure of the machine in different directions of the signal gain difference between the important indicators.

     As the satellites are randomly distributed in the hemisphere sky, it is important to ensure that the antenna has similar sensitivity in all directions. Axis than by the day

Line performance, the appearance of the structure, the whole circuit and EMI and other effects.

     Edit this paragraph GPS antenna selection

    Most manufacturers are purchasing ceramic parts from home and abroad, with the design of the amplifier circuit. Super intelligent terminals are increasingly becoming the trend, narrow space

The size of the accessories made a very high demand. At present, the domestic technology is only 15 × 15 mature, 10 × 10 or more basic mature. The smaller antenna is needed


     Transtech Services has continued to develop and learn new GPS antenna, external GPS antenna, we have more than a few models, available to customers based on the installation is not

With the need to select the relevant size, sub-antenna factory in GPS / GSM antenna has also made gratifying achievements, the current high-tech research and development in addition to

GPS / GSM dual-band combination antenna, there are GPS / GSM / WIFI three-frequency combination antenna, the appearance of diverse, and GPS built-in ceramic antenna we mature

Of the products were 25 × 25,18 × 18,15 × 15, now to study less than 15 × 15 size built-in antenna to better meet customer needs.

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