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GPS antenna use precautions
May 11, 2017

1.GPS antenna can not be 100% positioning, but do not believe that indoor positioning of the lies - GPS is not like mobile radio, anywhere can receive the signal, a lot of things will affect the GPS signal reception, including sky star distribution, building, viaduct, radio , Leaves, grid hot paper, etc., will affect the things too much, in general, from the GPS position up to see the sky area, that is, GPS antenna can receive the signal area.


2. Do not use once or twice, or a day or two, to determine the GPS antenna is good or bad - because the sky satellite status is different every day, perhaps the same place, the morning received full grid, but can not locate at night, are possible, there are May be several days of positioning conditions are not good.


3. Comparison of GPS is good or bad, must be the same at the same time - a lot of people buy GPS, will say that I used to use the kind of good words, but this said, not the right, because the use of different time and place, The final result is much worse, must be long-term use, or at the same time, to feel the difference between the two GPS.


4.GPS receiver strength table, has been insufficient to buy as a reference GPS - we buy GPS antenna , will only look at the electronic map of the receiving table, previously may also quite prospective, but now the GPS, in order to let the receiving table Looks good, so there are false signals, or the simulation of the signal, etc., the reception is indeed very beautiful, but may not be allowed to locate, or even not correctly display is not necessarily.


5. There is no so-called indoor positioning GPS - basically no signal in the room is no signal, the real indoor positioning, from the cold start (cold start) in the indoors, but the same can be positioned, is the real indoor positioning. But basically there is no sense of indoor positioning, because I will not be at home navigation.


6. buy GPS external antenna, do not need to choose the brand for the purchase, but you can choose the internal use of the chip (GPS chip) - basically, do a lot of GPS manufacturers, select manufacturers only consider cooperation with the degree of cooperation with it!