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How the 4G antenna is classified
Jul 17, 2017

4G antenna, a variety of methods, according to the scope of use, there are communication 4G antenna, radio and television 4G antenna, radar 4G antenna, navigation 4G antenna, lateral 4G antenna; according to the working wavelength, 4G antenna can be divided into long wave 4G antenna, The 4G antenna can be divided into the VS antenna and the traveling wave 4G antenna according to the current distribution method on the 4G antenna. According to the polarization characteristic, the 4G antenna can be divided into the 4G antenna and the traveling wave 4G antenna. According to the polarization characteristic, the 4G antenna Antenna can be divided into linear polarization (vertical polarization and horizontal polarization) 4G antenna, circularly polarized 4G antenna and elliptically polarized 4G antenna; according to the function of frequency function classification, there are small 4G antenna, resonant 4G antenna, broadband 4G Antenna and mouth strength 4G antenna and so on.

4G antenna analysis method and its structure has a lot of contact, in order to theoretical analysis of the lunch, usually in accordance with the structure is not the same, the 4G antenna is divided into two categories: one is far less than the wavelength of the metal wire composed of the line 4G antenna, mainly for long wave, shortwave and ultrashort wave. The more common line 4G antenna includes symmetrical oscillator, round (or square) ring 4G antenna, spiral 4G antenna and so on. The other is a scale greater than the wavelength of the metal or media surface of the surface 4G antenna, mainly for the microwave band, including the speaker 4G antenna, parabolic 4G antenna. First introduce the line 4G antenna, and then in the opposite 4G antenna analysis. 3G antenna .

4G antenna research first touch analysis, planning and generalization of three aspects. The analysis of the 4G antenna is to determine the direction and impedance characteristics of a given 4G antenna structure. 4G antenna theoretical analysis, in fact, is to study the 4G antenna caused by the analysis of space electromagnetic field, and the field analysis of the resolution of the 4G antenna characteristics, space, any point of the electromagnetic field must be satisfied Maxwell equation and boundary conditions, so the solution 4G antenna doubt is According to the specific boundary conditions on the 4G antenna (such as encouraging conditions, boundary conditions and radiation conditions, etc.) to find the solution of the electromagnetic field. The plan of the 4G antenna is to determine the hardware characteristics (length, angle, etc.) of a particular 4G antenna that initiates the desired pattern and impedance. 4G antenna overview, in general terms is the first given the desired pattern, and then use the general method to get 4G antenna method, so that the attack pattern can satisfactorily look forward to the desired pattern, and satisfied with the system of other constraints; Narrowly speaking, is to determine the given 4G antenna method of encouraging, so that the pattern of the attack can be satisfactory with the expected direction.

4G antenna part in the solution of the base radiation unit (current element, magneto-current element and Huygens surface element) on the basis of the spatial field distribution, the basic knowledge of the 4G antenna to introduce, so that readers master the 4G antenna foundation and foundation analysis method The In order to give readers a full understanding of the 4G antenna, also introduced a variety of typical 4G antenna method and 4G antenna in some areas of use. WIFI antenna.