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How to distinguish 2 antenna /3g antenna/4g antenna
Nov 09, 2017

Can be distinguished in several ways:

1, from the number of GPS antennas can be distinguished, the mobile signal tower generally do not have installed GPS antenna (now in the mobile 3G TD station equipped with a GPS antenna). Some of China Unicom's base stations have CDMA equipment, so a GPS antenna is installed on the signal tower. Telecom base station has CDMA equipment, equipped with 3 GPS antenna.

2, from the TD antenna (a relatively wide rectangular antenna) installation location can distinguish between telecommunications and mobile towers, telecommunications towers generally TD antenna mounted to the upper platform. The TD mobile antenna generally mounted to the lower platform.

3, from the base station to distinguish between the station, telecommunications station is the blue roof, the middle of a thin yellow strip. Unicom is blue top, no yellow bar in the middle.

4, look at the antenna, and some tower hung up three antennas is generally the total station Unicom Telecom, mobile are generally one to two. There are Unicom's antenna will be small do not know if it is not related to money.

5, the general mobile pole 4 high 12 meters, China Unicom 6 18 meters, the mobile RRU hanging on the pole above Unicom hung under the pole; mobile 3G antenna 9 lines, China Unicom 3 frequency is 6 lines; mobile hold Rod will be installed in the middle of a small cross (installed RRU used), China Unicom did not;

Unicom in general three-tier antenna in the city, the top 900, the middle 1800, the lower 3G. See more will have the feeling, the mobile did not install 3G, then up to two layers of antenna; countryside, the field, the roof of the engine room is beautifully decorated with a tile is moving, the house is not good or open air or cage Unicom; Unicom feeder wiring along With the pole go, move with a cabling rack; Unicom and mobile lightning is said to be not the same.