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How to distinguish between 3G antenna 4G antenna
Jun 14, 2017

1, the number of GPS antennas can be distinguished, the mobile signal tower is generally not installed GPS antenna (now in the mobile 3G TD station with a GPS antenna). GAOKE some base stations which have CDMA equipment, so the signal tower is equipped with a GPS antenna. The base station of the telecommunication has CDMA equipment and is equipped with three GPS antennas.

2, from the TD antenna (relatively wide rectangular antenna) to install the location can distinguish between telecommunications and mobile tower, the telecommunications signal tower will generally be installed on the TD antenna platform. While the mobile TD antenna will generally be installed to the lower platform

3, from the base station to distinguish between the station, the telecommunications station is blue top, in the middle of a thin yellow. GAOKE is blue top, no yellow bar in the middle.

4, look at the antenna, and some of the tower is linked to the three-tier antenna is generally GAOKE telecommunications station, mobile are generally one to two. GAOKE antenna there will be very small do not know is not and money has a relationship.

5, the general mobile pole 4 high 12 meters, GAOKE6 18 meters, mobile RRU hanging above the pole, GAOKE hanging under the pole; mobile 3G antenna 9 lines, Tengxiang 3 frequency is 6 lines; Move the middle of the pole will be installed a small cross (equipped with RRU), GAOKE no;

GAOKE in the general three-tier antenna in the city, the most 900, the middle 1800, the lower 3G. To see more than there will be feeling, mobile not installed 3G, up to two layers of the antenna; country, field, the roof room brightly decorated with tiles is moving, the house is not even open or cages Tengxiang;