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Installation Essentials of GPS Antennas
Apr 07, 2017

Nowadays, with the more and more advanced technology, people like to use mobile phones or other equipment to locate, and the car friends are not indispensable to these devices, these devices are to accept satellite signals to locate, but accepting the signal must use the GPS antenna, so the GPS antenna is also more and more well-known, but few friends in the installation of the time to pay attention to what matters; Today professionals will talk about the installation of GPS antennas:

1, GPS antenna in the installation, its signal reception surface should be parallel to the ground, so that the best reception effect, but also to consider the surrounding environment, to adjust the appropriate installation angle. And GPS antenna connector do not live plug, lest the circuit damage

2, in the installation, GPS antenna should be away from the high voltage and strong electric field, magnetic field and other interference sources; At the same time cable lines should be laid away from the high voltage wires, power cords, telephone lines and so on.

3, the length of cable line out of the disk, should be pulled straight, lest produce electromagnetic field caused signal attenuation, can not be subjected to pressure

Note: 1, due to the GPS antenna Ann placed in the outdoor environment, to prevent the induction of the feeder lightning impact overvoltage and damage to the receiving equipment, so the antenna feeder to add a lightning protection device.

2, to prevent the coaxial cable feeder into induction thunder, feeder lightning arrester grounding terminals should be approached by the nearest outdoor feeder entrance grounding line.