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Integrated Smart 3G Antenna
Sep 21, 2017

Integrated Smart 3G Antenna

Now, the current use of dual-polarized smart 3G antenna are required through nine on the jumper rated RRU device convergence, of which 8 convergence 3G antenna RF channel, a smart 3G antenna calibration line. This kind of intelligent 3G antenna and RRU split through the cable connection method has some unavoidable defects, such as: 9 on the jumper are required to do a good job of joint waterproofing, electricity a lot of waterproof joints to the project to bring great inconvenience , So that the device is also difficult to drop the stability of the device together; 3G antenna and RRU equipment between the cable connection also makes the base station outdoor beauty greatly reduced, site selection and harmonious and difficult, the surrounding residents of higher resistance; And 3G antennas, consumable hours, and device clutter; eight 3G antenna port requirements have good amplitude and phase commonality in order to achieve accurate results in the configuration of the smart 3G antenna and in the calibration. In practice, the 9 jumper on the phase of the commonality and long-term outdoor use in the stability and reliability will be difficult to guarantee and so on.

Integrated 3G antenna is the 3G antenna and RRU integrated as one of the smart 3G antenna, such 3G antenna is in the general dual-polarized 3G antenna on the basis of the external structure to do the appropriate adjustment of the end, in the electrical function, electrical function test And so on, with the general dual-polarized 3G antenna common. Taking into account the introduction of outdoor F, E band, integrated smart 3G antenna will be on the TD-SCDMA network construction stage, into an intelligent 3G antenna to start one of the important trends.