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Integrated smart 3G antenna
Nov 24, 2017

Integrated smart 3G antenna

Currently, dual-polarized smart 3G antennas used in the existing networks are required to pass through 9 jumpers rated for connection to RRU devices, of which 8 are connected to 3G antenna radio frequency channels and 1 is a smart 3G antenna calibration line. There are some unavoidable defects in this smart 3G antenna and RRU split cable connection methods, such as: 9 jumpers are required to waterproof the connector, many waterproof connector construction has brought great inconvenience to the project , Making the device together with the difficulty also decreased the stability of the equipment; 3G antenna and RRU equipment between the cable connection also makes the base station outdoor beautiful greatly reduced, site selection and harmony difficult residents around the higher resistance; separate device RRU And 3G antennas, requiring labor-intensive and time-consuming devices. The 8 3G antenna ports require very good amplitude and phase coherence to achieve accurate results in the patterning and calibration of smart 3G antennas. In practice, the amplitude and phase of 9 jumpers are common, and stability and reliability in long-term outdoor use are hard to guarantee.

The integrated smart 3G antenna is a smart 3G antenna that integrates the 3G antenna and the RRU. Such 3G antenna is completed based on the general dual-polarized 3G antenna and the external structure is adjusted accordingly. In the electrical function and electrical function test And so on, with the common dual-polarized 3G antenna. Taking into account the introduction of outdoor F, E band, integrated smart 3G antenna will boarded the TD-SCDMA network construction stage, into a smart 3G antenna, one of the important trends.