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intelligent, multimedia trend is significant
Nov 29, 2017

(1) intelligent, multimedia trend is significant

Because the 4G antenna network can provide rich multimedia services and download services, the 4G antenna terminal needs to be equipped with a display screen that is larger, more clear and 3D display more vivid, so that the user can appreciate it very well Mobile multimedia services to equip higher-resolution camera to take a clearer picture to enhance the sense of the image; to provide more storage space to save the downloaded more images and audio and video files. At the end of the day, 4G antenna services, which are characterized by powerful data services, will have increasingly stringent demands on their terminals. The 4G antenna will actually perform the expected tasks and the development of 4G antenna terminals will become a 4G antenna deployment phase One of the important topics.

(2) single-mode, dual-mode and multi-mode terminal coexistence

Coexistence of a variety of 4G antenna technology systems and the third generation mobile communications to carry out early, second-generation mobile communications will not withdraw from the mall in the short term the reality of the situation, the resolution of the future mobile terminals will certainly be single-mode, dual-mode and multi-mode terminal Coexistence of the situation. At present, there are GSM / WCDMA, GSM / cdma2000, cdma2000 1X / 1X EV-D0 dual-mode terminals in the market. With the formal commercialization of the TD-SCDMA standard, dual-mode handsets or multimode supporting TD-SCDMA networks and other networks in the future Cell phones may also appear. The request for the function of the 4G antenna terminal continuously improves the technical characteristics of the 4G antenna, and decides that the 4G antenna network can provide more intelligent, diversified and personalized mobile services. Therefore, the function of the 4G antenna mobile terminal is increasingly enhanced. Not only to support existing voice transactions, SMS transactions, narrowband data transactions, together should support the multimedia services and high-speed data services, represented by the broadband communications services.

Can be roughly divided into four categories:

(1) interactive services, including Internet telephony, mobile banking, video telephony and video conferencing;

(2) peer-to-peer business, including multimedia messaging, e-mail, WEB, long distance hospitals, etc .; www.szhigh.com

(3) one-way information services, including digital newspapers, publishing, long distance education, video shopping, mobile audio players, mobile video players, video on demand and karaoke;

(4) Multi-cast business, including information delivery, GPS car navigation, mobile radio and mobile TV.

It can be seen that the 4G antenna not only brings new interpersonal methods such as video telephony, multimedia messaging and email to mobile phones, but also makes the mobile phone a mass media such as mobile TV, digital newspaper, book publishing and information delivery The function