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Is the number of WIFI antennas connected to speed
Jul 13, 2017

Although the evaluation of the two groups, dualband antenna and multi-antenna, but the test results to clarify the speed alone, the dual antenna and the three antenna is not very different. (The principle of the antenna introduced, and our actual situation is common. Of course, the same type of chip on the basis of comparison, not the same kind of chip is not comparable) but there are indeed differences in coverage, so the purchase of users do not always Adhere to the multi-antenna, starting from the actual situation, usually the environment is now enough double antenna.

New features will improve everyone's use of the wireless network habits?

Such as WPS rapid encryption of such new features, will improve the use of wireless network habits, press the terminal and the router on the two keys will be active convergence and encryption, refused to enter the cumbersome password, further down the threshold of the wireless network, So that users more easily use.

Antenna transmission power is also affecting the signal envelope range of the classification of the antenna many of the norms can be divided into omnidirectional antenna and directional antenna, on the same network segment, is usually the use of directional antenna, on the same network segment, To be applied to the omni-directional antenna is generally speaking, now most of the ap are selected dual antenna preset, to be able to say that the newer ap are selected dual antenna preset, once produced ap are selected by an antenna preset contrast suitable.