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Omnidirectional antenna and directional antenna
May 11, 2017

Omni-directional antenna to send signals in all directions, the way to receive the signal is 360 degrees, and the directional antenna is like a reflector in the back of the antenna,

The signal can only be transmitted to the front, the signal behind the reflex is blocked and reflected to the front, to strengthen the front of the signal strength.


       Antenna selection If you need to meet multiple sites, and these sites are distributed in different directions of the access point (AP), you need to use the full

To the antenna. If concentrated in one direction, it is recommended to use directional antenna. And according to the actual use of the environment, the transmission distance of the distance, the use of equipment

The power of the connector and other matching options to choose the appropriate antenna, submarine antenna factory can be based on the actual situation of customers, providing a variety of different antenna

With the program, for some conventional antennas, sample customer testing can be provided free of charge.

       Antenna installation For outdoor antenna, antenna and wireless AP need to increase between the lightning protection equipment; directional antenna to pay attention to the antenna facing the far side

The direction of the site; the antenna should be installed in the highest possible position, as far as possible between the antenna and the site to meet the line of sight (visually visible, the middle to avoid obstacles).

Antenna in the absence of interference in the use of the environment to play its greatest role.