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The basic principle of the 4G antenna
Oct 25, 2017

With the rapid development of weapons and other offensive weapons, the radar function of the many new requests.With the mechanical scanning of the 4G antenna has been difficult to adapt to the new combat request.Therefore, with the electronic control method to beam scanning method more In addition, the rapid development of microwave electronic devices, making the use of electronic or electrical means to complete 4G antenna beam scanning (referred to as electric scanning) with the actual material basis.From the 20th century, 50 years, the electric scan 4G The antenna has been agile to carry out, so that the original array 4G antenna has been a new development, into a promising 4G antenna new system, the new </ s>.

The phased array 4G antenna is the fastest 4G antenna in the 4G antenna category, and the phased array 4G antenna has its special </ s> compared to other 4G antennas.

1, high gain, high power

Because the 4G scan antenna does not need to roll 4G antenna, so the 4G antenna can make a lot, such as some large-scale control 4G antenna, the area is larger than the football field, 4G antenna unit tens of thousands, so the gain up to high . In addition, in order to add the transmit power, more transmitters can be used to deal with the power problem of the antenna system when using a single high power transmitter, so the effect interval of the phased array radar 4G antenna can reach thousands or even thousands Km.

2, multi-beam, multi-function

4G antenna beam can be sub-fit, when the policy is far away, can form a very high gain, power of the beam; when the policy interval and multi-directional, can be divided into many independent beams, multi- In addition, it is also possible to use multiple beam shifts to carry out, stalking, guidance, etc., to play multi-function radar </ s>.

3, the data rate and high precision

Because there is no mechanical scrolling, the beam can instantaneously and sensitively point to the desired direction. The 4G antenna beam is extremely fast, so the data rate is high. Because the beam is very narrow, the azimuthal accuracy of the criterion is determined </ s>.

4, high reliability

Because the 4G antenna is fixed, can do very strong, and 4G antenna number of many, even if a part of the failure occurred, but also normal </ s>.

Because phased array 4G antenna operation is very complex, it is impossible to complete the full operation by the people, the general need to contact with the use of computers, which also reflects the control 4G antenna "fast" "fine" strengths.

Phased array 4G antenna shortcomings are: high cost, maintenance costs, scanning range is limited, generally within 120 ° (due to the scanning angle is too large, will make 4G antenna function </ s>).

Because of the above-mentioned strengths, so that these years phased array 4G antenna has been carried out to carry out the use of agility