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Tips for purchasing GPS antennas
Apr 07, 2017

Nowadays, more and more mobile phones and automobiles have the GPS function in the situation of the continuous improvement of technology in our country. And GPS antenna gradually in everyone's life has been widely used; however, in this mixed market to buy a good quality GPS antenna is not easy, so before purchasing to learn some small tricks, so need to learn what skills? The following small series tells you:

1, the stability of GPS antenna: This is to say that the choice of GPS antenna to choose to have the resistance to electromagnetic interference is very strong, is to prevent everyone in the process of bumping bump, high temperature, electromagnetic interference to GPS antenna, because the car in the environment is not good will affect the operation of the GPS, so everyone in the purchase must pay attention to the stability.

2, the purchase of GPS antenna, the specifications provided by the store for reference only, what a few seconds to complete positioning, what a few meters of error, sensitivity and so on information do not believe, the effect of how to really use only know, and when the store said that the antenna is good, do not believe, because this may be to dispose of or inventory too much.

3, also pay attention to the level of resolution module, GPS antenna module can be divided into two levels, the distinction is civil and industrial, industrial performance is very stable, but the price will be somewhat expensive, the Civil module environmental adaptability will be poor, the price will be cheaper, so you can choose the time according to their own needs to select cost-effective module.