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Types and characteristics of GPS antennas
Apr 07, 2017

The role of GPS antennas:The electromagnetic waves emitted by satellites are converted into currents, because the GPS signals are circular polarization waves, so all antennas are circularly polarized.The GPS antenna is divided into internal and external antennas by position, wherein the built-in antenna is divided into passive antenna and active antenna.Passive antenna?such as flat-panel antenna, mainly ceramic media, mostly square design, size has 25*25 to 12*12MM, the larger the area, the higher the resonance frequency, because not power supply, so called passive antenna.Silver Layer:The silver layer of the ceramic antenna can affect the resonance frequency of the antenna, and the ideal frequency point is 1574.42MHZ, and the silver surface can be adjusted to FM point in time production.Ceramic Tiles:The quality of ceramic powders and sintering process directly affect its performance, the size of the ceramic film on the market is mainly 25*25,18*18,15*15 12*12 and so on. The larger the area of the ceramic slice, the higher the resonance frequency.