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What are the factors that affect the performance of GPS antennas
Jun 19, 2017

1, ceramic antenna: ceramic powder is good or bad and sintering technology directly affect its function. The market is the use of ceramic products is mainly 25 × 25,18 × 18,15 × 15,12 × 12. Ceramic area larger, The greater the dielectric constant, the higher the resonant frequency, the better the bear. Ceramic sheets are mostly square designs in order to ensure that the resonances in the XY antenna are substantially common and then reach the effect of uniformity.

2, silver layer: ceramic antenna appearance Silver layer can affect the antenna resonant frequency .Aspiring GPS ceramic chip frequency exactly falls at 1575.42MHz, but the antenna frequency is very easy to be affected by the surrounding environment, especially in the machine, It is necessary to adjust the shape of the silver coating to adjust the frequency from scratch to adhere to 1575.42MHz. Therefore, GPS manufacturers in the acquisition of the antenna must cooperate days 3G antenna manufacturers to provide the whole sample test.

3, the feed point: the ceramic antenna through the feedback point to collect the resonance signal and sent to the back of the antenna impedance matching elements, the feed point is usually not in the center of the antenna, but in the XY direction to do small adjustments. This impedance matching method is simple and does not increase the cost. Only the movement in the uniaxial direction is called the single-lateral 3G antenna, both of which are called two-axis movement.

4, the expansion of the circuit: the ceramic antenna carrying the shape and area of the antenna.As the GPS has a touch of the characteristics of the rebound, when the scene is 7cm × 7cm without break the earth, PATCH antenna performance can be played to the extreme. It is necessary to cooperate with the rear end LNA gain. The GSC3F of the Kirf requires that the total gain of the signal input should not exceed 29 dB, otherwise the signal supersaturation will be generated, and the signal gain will exceed the total gain Self-excited.