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What is the functional characteristic of the WIFI antenna
Aug 29, 2017

WIFI antenna features: select the antenna, pay attention to the antenna connector and the device connected to the device is matched, the general WIFI SMA and TNC with the main

To be used in the router, but the 2.4G wireless monitoring device on the connector if the match, but also to enhance the effect of enhanced wireless signal transmission antenna base magnetic, can be sucked on the surface of metal objects, making the antenna to receive signals stronger plug and play , Without any additional conditions, but the antenna gain and orientation is also to consider the focus WIFI antenna function: mainly to enhance the wireless network signal.

Category: built-in and external two categories

External general for wireless routers and other products.

Built-in for mobile phones, mobile computers and other products.

Built-in wifi antenna is divided into two categories:

One is a non-standard antenna

The second is the standard antenna:

The earliest use of LTCC technology to produce standard wifi antenna products, because the bandwidth is wide, performance in general. Foreign Airgain launched a high temperature plastic standard antenna, for notebook computers, the domestic micro-magnetic magneto launched series for mobile phone magnetic dielectric wifi antenna.