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What is the main trend of 3G antenna future
Jun 12, 2017

The antenna to the direction of diversification. The third generation of mobile communication has more specifications, different specifications of the antenna request is different. In particular, the TD system on the antenna request and the previous two generations is very different, is a revolutionary mobile communication antenna method.

Second, 3g antenna to the integrated direction. Because there are a variety of mobile communication system, usually a region there are a number of operators, resulting in the antenna set up, affecting the environment, spoil the grim. Some countries also began to legislate to request a total of the tower and even the antenna to prevent this situation. This requires that we need to integrate multi-standard antennas together to meet regulatory requirements. WIFI antenna

3G antenna

Third, the antenna to the direction of electricity to carry out. With the development of communication, the addition of capacity, the higher speed of the network optimization made a request, coupled with the integration of the request, it is necessary to make the antenna tilt angle can be used "electric" adjustment rather than through mechanical adjustment.

Fourth, the antenna to the direction of landscaping. With the economic level of the slow progress of living standards, we are living on the living environment is getting higher and higher, and establish the antenna affect the environment of the beautiful. It is necessary to plan the appearance of the antenna and the method of the device into the environment.

With the progress of skills and technology, I trust 3g smart antenna will be along the high-tech will be carried out along the high-end skills. 4G antenna .