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What is the orientation of the WIFI antenna
Jun 23, 2017

Radio transmitter output RF signal power, through the feeder (cable) to the antenna, by the antenna to electromagnetic radiation out. After the electromagnetic wave arrives at the receiving address, it is received by the antenna (only a small fraction of the power is received) and fed via a feeder to the radio receiver. It can be seen that the antenna is a major radio device that emits and receives electromagnetic waves, and there is no antenna and no radio communication.

Antenna variety, for the same frequency, not the same use, not the same occasion, not the same request is not the same case. There are many types of antennas, the appropriate classification is necessary: according to the classification, can be divided into communication antenna, TV antenna, radar antenna; according to the job frequency classification, can be divided into shortwave antenna, ultrashort wave antenna, microwave antenna; Directional classification, can be divided into omni-directional antenna, directional antenna, etc .; according to the shape classification, can be divided into linear antenna, surface antenna, etc .;

One of the basic functions of the transmitting antenna is to radiate the energy from the feeder to the surrounding space, and the second function is to radiate most of the energy in the desired direction. The half-wave symmetrical vibrator placed in a straight position has a three-dimensional pattern of flattened "bagels". Figure 1.3.1 b and Figure 1.3.1 c give its two principal plane plan, the plane pattern to describe the antenna in a specified plane on the direction of the direction. It can be seen from Figure 1.3.1 b that the radiation is zero in the direction of the axis of the vibrator and the maximum direction of the radiation is on the horizontal plane. As can be seen from Figure 1.3.1 c, the radiation in all directions is horizontal.