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What is the phase center of GPS antenna
Apr 07, 2017

Now in the transportation fleet, science and technology exploration, military tracking and other industries to use the GPS antenna, because it can not only track location, but also can predict some objects on the route; according to the design, can be divided into flat plate antenna and spiral antenna, which spiral antenna is more capable of searching star. When using a GPS antenna, also know its phase center, what is the phase center? The following small series tells you:

GPS Antenna Phase Center should be a theoretical point, can also be said, in theory, the signal of antenna radiation is the center of the point to the outside radiation, this point is the so-called phase centers, but in the actual GPS antenna basically does not exist, because the production of GPS antenna can not be so perfect, so the actual antenna phase Center is a region.

While the GPS antenna receiver's phase center, which is commonly referred to as the GPS antenna receiver Electrical Center, it is a measuring instrument datum point, research GPS antenna receiver Phase Center change law, is to improve the measurement accuracy of the important link.

GPS antenna Receiver for the convenience of the use of the antenna is generally separated from the host, between them through a certain length of coaxial cable connection, when the signal into the antenna amplification, cable transmission, and then amplification, until the correlation demodulation, then there is a delay, this is the machine within the delay.

In the GPS antenna measurement process, we are generally the GPS antenna receiver antenna placed on the logo point, usually antenna surface Center as the GPS antenna receiver Phase Center, and in fact is not the case. We know that GPS antenna receiver in the work need to simultaneously receive four more than GPS antenna satellite signal amplification, transmission, correlation demodulation, operation, the time, position, speed, direction and other parameters. Correlation demodulation Point is the reference point of satellite signal to GPS receiver delay, and for each satellite signal, the correlation demodulation point is the reference point (or starting point) of the measurement.

The above is the GPS antenna phase center definition, because GPS antenna as the most important reception components in GPS equipment, so its performance will directly relate to the quality of the GPS machine products, so we need to carefully determine the quality of the purchase.