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What is the role of GPS antennas?
Apr 07, 2017

With the development of global positioning system, GPS antenna is gradually adopted by the global consumer market, not only in professional or commercial areas, such as transportation convoys, science and technology exploration, military tracking, but also many consumer products, such as mobile phones and personal Data Assistants (PDA) devices, GPS antennas occupy a very important position, then what is its role? The following small series tells you:

The first role: it is used for catching satellites, receiving satellite positioning information, that is, radiation and receiving electromagnetic waves; any HF circuit, as long as it is not completely shielded, can radiate more or less electromagnetic waves to the surrounding space, or to receive more or less electromagnetic waves from the surrounding space. According to the different GPS antenna, can be divided into flat plate antenna and spiral antenna, spiral antenna search stars more powerful. It's not a cellphone signal.

The second function: The electromagnetic wave energy from the satellite radio signal transforms into the receiver electron device can consume the application current, namely the energy conversion; usually for special equipment or on-board equipment, because the equipment and GPS receiver module is often a certain distance before, so in the real environment may use more than 1 meters of breaking line; but because the feeder has a lot of the signal loss, so in this case can only choose the active GPS antenna.