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WIFI antenna correct selection method
Nov 17, 2017

WIFI antenna correct selection method

Wireless network is the most commonly used in every family, WIFI antenna is to maintain our normal daily access to the Internet, WIFI antenna in the market are more types, there are many people in the choice WIFI antenna will take into account all aspects And shop around, then how to choose WIFI antenna is a more correct choice of law: First, when the need for long-distance data transmission, you should choose a large gain antenna, and for the transmission distance of the wireless network, you can Choose a small gain antenna.

Secondly, when carrying on long-distance data transmission, some aerials of wireless AP and wireless router are located indoors, while others are located outdoors, therefore, should choose the aerial suitable for different environments according to need. In other words, the indoor antenna has not done waterproof and lightning protection, must not be used as outdoor!

Finally, directional antennas are highly directional and can send signals centrally in one direction or from one direction. Omnidirectional antennas are capable of transmitting or receiving wireless signals in all directions, and although covering a very wide area, the signals are weaker in each direction.