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wifi antenna cover with good antenna
Sep 05, 2017

Antenna has grid antenna, flat antenna, Shuangling antenna three. On the antenna gain function is the best role of the grid, but would like to cover up the whole building, is unlikely, because this depends on the power of the wireless router size, power is small, the antenna is no longer strong.

The wireless router / AP is essentially a two-way "radio" convergence wireless terminal and provides Internet access.

To improve the wireless cover new method: do with the lamp antenna. In the general fluorescent tube in the use of ionizing gas as a wireless AP / router external antenna (extension), so you can use the original building in the fluorescent lamp to complete the wireless network of distributed cover, dealing with a limited range of traditional single AP cover, and obstacles Easy to decay the shortcomings. 4G antenna

Radio transmitter output RF signal power, through the feeder (cable) to the antenna, by the antenna to electromagnetic radiation out. After the electromagnetic wave arrives at the receiving address, it is received by the antenna (only a small fraction of the power is received) and fed via a feeder to the radio receiver. It can be seen that the antenna is a major radio device that emits and receives electromagnetic waves, and there is no antenna and no radio communication. Antenna variety, for the same frequency, not the same use, not the same occasion, not the same request is not the same case. There are many types of antennas, the appropriate classification is necessary: according to the use of classification, can be divided into communication antenna, TV antenna, radar antenna; by job frequency classification, can be divided into shortwave antenna, ultrashort wave antenna, microwave antenna; Directional classification, can be divided into omnidirectional antenna, directional antenna, etc .; according to the shape classification, can be divided into linear antenna, surface antenna, etc .; 3G antenna