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WIFI antenna gain effect of the type of direct impact on the radio call quality
Jul 19, 2017

The quality of the intercom call to a large extent depends on the laptop built-in wifi antenna gain effect, although also contains some other aspects of the hardware question, but the smart phone wifi antenna is still the biggest impact factor. Then the WIFI antenna gain on the call quality have some effect? Let's talk about the following.

The useful interval of the walkie-talkie is short, so the wireless communication, so the notebook built-in wifi antenna equipment also has a different demand, the higher the distance request higher. The greater the output power of the transmitter, the greater the coverage of the transmitted signal, the farther the communication interval. But the transmission power can not be too large, the transmission power is too large, not only power consumption, affecting the power amplifier components longevity, and strong interference, affecting the call effect of others, but also produce radiation pollution. The radio power management agencies of various countries have clearly defined the transmission power of the communication equipment. WIFI antenna gain, when the WIFI antenna matches the machine, the condition, the WIFI antenna height is added, accepted or transmitted to be enhanced. Handheld walkie-talkie antenna is usually used for helical antenna, its bandwidth and gain than other types of antenna to be smaller, more simple by the human body.

And very important point is that the walkie-talkie equipped with the WIFI antenna is not a match, which has a key call on the quality of the effect. Smartphone wifi antenna frequency band and the machine frequency is inconsistent, WIFI antenna impedance does not match, will seriously affect the call interval. For the user, in the use of WIFI antenna should pay attention to the WIFI antenna tightened, the other can not arbitrarily use non-manufacturers supply wifi antenna, can not use the machine does not meet the frequency of smart phone wifi antenna.

WIFI antenna type and its characteristics introduced

(1) sub-custom non-standard wifi antenna and specifications wifi antenna two categories, non-standard products because the terminal impedance matching, usually better function.

(2) non-standard, usually used in the structure of the variable structure, complex construction of goods. According to the installation space selected antenna shape, this type of antenna to focus on the direction, not the same direction should be a good acceptance. Usually Tablet PC, router, digital photo frame selected.

Use of PCB and metal sheet bending technology.

(3) standard antenna, and is divided into patch antenna and technology welding antenna, mobile phones have selected these two types of antenna.

The patch antenna is usually made of ceramic LTCC technology. Also used LDS technology produced (micro-magnetic). Metal shrapnel technology requires manual welding.

(4) referral combined with non-standard, standard patch two strengths of the micro-smart phone wifi antenna .