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Application Analysis Of 3G Antenna
Apr 07, 2017

3G Antenna Mobile technology communication is a cellular mobile communication technology that supports high speed data transmission. 3G Antenna product Equipment Services can simultaneously transmit sound and data information, currently 3G exist four standards: WiMAX,CDMA2000,WCDMA,TD-SCDMA.

3 G is the third generation of communication network, the current domestic support for ITU to determine three wireless interface standards, respectively, China Telecom CDMA2000, Chinese unicom WCDMA, China Mobile TD-SCDMA,GSM equipment used is time division multiple access.

With the development of information market, a variety of 3G directional antenna, 3G sucker antenna, 3G terminal antenna, MIMO antenna, dual-polarized antenna is also available at any time, if you want to more in-depth understanding of 3G antenna, MIMO antenna, dual-polarized antenna and other communications antenna