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Development And Application Of GSM Antenna/GPRS Antenna
Apr 07, 2017

GSM Antenna/GPRS Antenna is one of the most active and fastest-growing areas in mobile communication, antenna is a bridge between user terminals and base station control devices, and the development of mobile communication has produced tremendous impetus, and has promoted the transformation and technological innovation of the GSM/GPRS antenna.

Aiming at the terminal user of GSM antenna/GPRS antenna, the related matching antenna is developed, such as sucker antenna, terminal antenna, directional plate antenna, flat wall antenna, indoor covering ceiling antenna, omni-directional glass antenna, module built-in antenna.

The main application of GSM antenna/GPRS antenna in: Indoor signal covering system, anti-theft system, wireless data acquisition system, wireless power communication, wireless public telephone system, etc. .. Welcome new and old customers to inquire.