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Gaoke's Development
May 22, 2017

Builded in 1993, our company mainly produces base station of cluster system, Antenna forvehicle-mounted machine and handset. Power amplifiers for duplexer , paging devise , base station antennas,filter, isolation machine etc.

In 1995, our company successfully developed Multiple signal multiplexing platform , is the first domestic.

In 1996, develop and produce GSM base station antennas, trunk amplifier and tower amplifier, repeater filter, duplexer , power splitter, couplers.

In 1998, our company researched and developed base station duplexer for domestic CDMA , is the first domestic initiative.

In 2000, high power simulation test system are developed successfully for many mobile base stations , still the number one in China.

In 2001, the domestic intelligent electric adjustable antenna of phase modulation system, is the domestic initiative

In 2002, PHS base station power controller was created by our company.

In 2005, GPS antenna was researched and developed, which sold pretty good. Our company is one of the first domestic GPS antenna manufacturers.

In 2006 , we attend in change engineering (moon exploration project), sunspots detection, Meridional engineering , VHF coherent scattering radar project (The eastern hemisphere dspace environment foundation integrated detection meridional chain), Grounddetection radar and such domestic large projects

In 2008 , the year of GPS industry rapid development , our GPS antennas got lots of commend in this industry . And our company became the leader of GPS industry.

From 2009 until now, our company constantly to expandour products field, design different kinds of antennas , such as CDMA, GSM, DCS, WIFI and multiple frequency band antenna, and digital TV antenna, wireless monitoring antenna, mobile phone antenna, blue-tooth antennas; Help customers to design production and test platform for wireless products and to set up test specifications .