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GPS Antenna Considerations
Apr 07, 2017

1.GPS can not 100% positioning, do not believe in the indoor positioning of the story, GPS is not like mobile phone broadcast, everywhere can receive signals, a lot of things will affect GPS reception, including the Sky Star distribution, building, viaduct, radio waves, leaves, insulation paper, etc., will affect too many things, in general, from the position of the GPS upward look, can see the area of the sky, GPS can receive the signal area.

2. Do not use one or two times, or a day or two, determine the good or bad GPS-because of the sky satellite state every day, perhaps the same place, the morning is full, but can not be positioned at night, it is possible, also may be in a row for days positioning condition is not good.

3. Comparing GPs to good or bad, we must simultaneously compare with the same-many people buy new GPs, will say, I used to be better than the one, but said, not correct, because the use of time and location, the final result is a lot of difference, must be used for a long time, or at the same time, to feel the difference between the two GPS points.

4.GPS receiving strength meter, is not enough as a GPS purchase reference-everyone buys GPS, only will look at the electronic map of the receipt, may be quite quasi, but now the GPS, in order to make the inquiry look good, so there is false signal, or simulation of the signal, etc., the receiving table is indeed very beautiful, but perhaps the positioning is not, or even the correct display is not necessarily.

5. No indoor positioning of the gps-basically no signal is no signal, real indoor positioning, from cold start in the indoor, but the same can be positioned, is the real indoor positioning, but basically there is no point in the indoor positioning, because I will not navigate at home.

6. Buy GPS, do not need to buy a license for the choice, but can choose the internal use of chips-basically, do a lot of GPS manufacturers, select vendors just consider after-sales service, not the company will be the best to receive the same chip, generally speaking GPS, different vendors do, the effect will not have too much difference, so choose the GPS do not choose the factory card, you can choose the GPS receiver chips.

7. In the end to use Bluetooth, CF GPS, or GPS mouse?-Generally speaking, this is a matter of opinion, using Bluetooth or CF, must worry about GPS or PDA at any time will have no electricity problem, and the cost is higher, but can be anywhere navigation, using GPS Mouse is affordable to receive a good news, do not worry about power problems, but wired troubles.

8. Positioning is not, is not necessarily GPS fault-basically positioning error can be within 20 meters, is a good GPS, in addition, the GPS location is not very accurate on the road, may be a lot of reasons, causing errors, may be a problem, the map data is likely to be the road is very wide, so it looks like GPS stabilized to offset the pavement, with a long time you know is a GPS or map problem.

9. Buy GPS, spec sheet only for reference-GPS specifications for what a few seconds to complete positioning, what a few meters of error, sensitivity and so on information, these are all to write good-looking, to be really used only to know, said true, compared to the specification table is a waste of time. 10. Using GPS, no communication fee-although we all know, but someone has always thought that the monthly rent fee will be paid.

11. When the store says that XXX GPs is bad, don't believe it-may be the store does not sell, or another kind of stock more, recommend you buy another GPS. 12.GPS can put the car inside the car-in addition to the external antenna, like GPS mouse this kind of things, can put the car inside the car, because the GPS, although waterproof, but long-term placed outside, inevitably there will be hanging point, and the upper and lower car will be collected, put on the outside but will be dried up, it is recommended to select the lattice hot paper, or a hole in the hot paper, paste the other things will not look ugly.

13. If GPS is new purchased for the first time, or is already cold start state, please go to the open location of the positioning of the car outside-the positioning speed is relatively fast, and the comparison will not have some strange phenomena, if cold start in the state of the road directly, even if the signal is strong, but may not be able to locate the destination Oh!! This is very important, after positioning, and then put in the car, look at the car receipt will not be relatively poor, and the longer the use of single GPS, the more time to save the satellite data, if not long, such as 1-2 weeks, GPs may revert to cold start state. The above is to have just contact the satellite navigation, hope to have these psychological preparations, the comparison will not feel that satellite navigation is not good use, basically, as long as the arrival of the destination, satellite navigation is a very good thing for you, as to whether there is a comparative province, there is no shorter distance, do not require too high, basically to a strange place, as long as the smooth to the ground is good, maybe there will be some ironic planning and walk some way, but over time, you will understand the characteristics of the current satellite navigation , use will not be so uncomfortable, of course, map manufacturers still need to work, but hope that we can give manufacturers appropriate encouragement, the purchase of genuine is the best support.