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NB-IOT And Advantages And Future Direction Of Development
Aug 02, 2017

2017 as NB-IOT commercial first year, there is no recent NB-IoT more than "NB" message. Since the core standard was frozen in June 2016, the development of the NB-IOT has clearly entered the fast lane. Although the NB-IoT standard has just been determined about half a year, but the world's major operators and equipment manufacturers are actively layout NB-IoT market, strong combination to promote NB-IOT industry chain is increasingly perfect, the industry's attention to its continued warming The

It is worth mentioning that the Ministry of Industry and Industry is pushing the NB-IoT standardization, from the NB-IoT module shape, packaging and pin definitions and other aspects of the new requirements. The industry believes that the standard will promote the Internet of things large-scale commercial speed.

First, NB-IOT overview

What is NB-IOT? If you thought it was Niubility Internet of Thing, brother brother congratulations: wrong! In fact, NB-IoT refers to the Narrow Band-Internet of Things technology, which is an emerging technology in the field of IoT, which supports low-power devices in the WAN cellular data connection, also known as low-power wide area network (LPWA) The

NB-IoT built on the cellular network, consuming only about 180KHz bandwidth, can be deployed directly in the GSM network, UMTS network or LTE network, in order to reduce deployment costs, to achieve a smooth upgrade. NB-IoT supports long standby time and requires efficient connection to higher network connections. It is said that NB-IoT equipment battery life can be increased to at least 10 years, while also providing a very comprehensive coverage of indoor cellular data connection.

Second, NB-IOT advantage

Mobile communication is from the connection of people and people, to people and things and things and things to connect the connection, all things are inevitable trend. Compared to Bluetooth, ZigBee and other short-range communication technology, mobile cellular network with wide coverage, mobile and large connections and other features, can bring a richer application scenarios, so the cellular Internet of Things is opening an unprecedented market. For telecom operators, car networking, smart medical, smart home and other Internet of things applications will produce massive connections, far more than the communication between people needs.

As a highly favored technology, NB-IoT advantage is not difficult to imagine:

Wide coverage: will provide improved indoor coverage, in the same frequency band, NB-IoT than the existing network gain of 20dB, covering 100 times the coverage area. It is not only able to meet the needs of rural areas such as wide coverage, for the plant, underground garage, covers and other requirements for the depth of the application of the same applies. To cover monitoring, for example, in the past the way GPRS need to extend an antenna, vehicles easily damaged, and NB-IoT as long as the deployment properly, you can solve this problem.

Strong link: In the case of the same base station, NB-IoT can provide 50-100 times the number of accesses than existing wireless technologies. A sector can support up to 100,000 connections, supporting low latency sensitivity, low cost of equipment, low power consumption and optimized network architecture. For example, limited by the bandwidth, the operator to the home of each router is only open 8-16 access port, and a family often have a number of mobile phones, notebooks, tablet PCs, the future in order to achieve the whole house smart 100 kinds of sensing equipment need to network has become a difficult problem. And NB-IoT enough to easily meet the future needs of a large number of intelligent home networking equipment needs.

Low power consumption: low power consumption is an important indicator of the application of Internet of things, especially for some can not often replace the battery equipment and occasions, such as placed in remote areas of alpine wars in various types of sensor monitoring equipment, they can not be as intelligent Mobile phone one day a charge, up to several years of battery life is the most essential needs. NB-IoT focus on small data, small rate applications, so NB-IoT device power can be very small, the terminal module standby time can be up to 10 years.

Low cost: Compared with LoRa, NB-IoT no need to re-network, radio frequency and antenna are basically multiplexed. To China Mobile, for example, 900MHZ which has a relatively wide frequency band, only need to clear out part of the 2G band, you can directly LTE and NB-IoT at the same time deployment. Low-speed, low-power, low-bandwidth to the same NB-IoT chip and module to bring low-cost advantage. The individual modules are expected to cost no more than $ 5, and some have been as low as $ 1.

Because NB-IoT itself has these advantages, it can be widely used in a variety of vertical industries, such as remote meter reading, asset tracking, intelligent parking, intelligent agriculture. According to the package brother to understand, recently the first national NB-IOT wisdom agricultural project built in Yingtan. Through the use of agricultural networking, not only can directly on the PC or mobile phone side directly on the field temperature, temperature, pH and other data monitoring for agricultural production to provide a scientific and effective reference, and can be directly on the facilities of agricultural ventilation temperature control, water and fertilizer Integration and other equipment for intelligent control, not only provides a convenience and greatly reduces the labor intensity. Visible NB-IoT powerful!