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  • 4G/LTE 15dBi LPDA Antenna

    Contact Now4G/LTE 15dBi LPDA AntennaAntenna Introduce This powerful 4G directional outdoor antenna has a high gain of 15dBi, is specifically designed for the 698-806MHZ/824-960mhz/ 1710-2170mhz/MHZ/2500-2690MHZ 4G frequency band and therefore compatible to 4G services of various 4G providers. This outdoor directional 4G antenna...Read More

  • Magnetic and stick WIFI/GSM/3G/4G GPS GLONASS Combo External dual band Antenna

    Contact NowMagnetic and stick WIFI/GSM/3G/4G GPS GLONASS Combo External dual band AntennaThis GPS/GSM combo antenna, receiving GPS and GSM signals at the same time, is a high gain, flexible, stable antenna. It has many advantages such as small volume, light, solid, high-accuracy, flexible , low power consumption and reliability, which can be used in varies of GPS/GSM...Read More

  • 170-860MHz portable Digital TV ndoor DVB-T Antenna for car

    Contact Now170-860MHz portable Digital TV ndoor DVB-T Antenna for carThis DVB-T antennas of Gaoke guarantee a very good reception performance of all terrestrial TV and radio signals. The passive DVB-T antenna is suitable for indoor use and is supplied via the DVB-T set-top box with power, if this gives the required 5 volts on the antenna socket....Read More

  • 900MHz High Gain flexible GSM PCB Antenna

    Contact Now900MHz High Gain flexible GSM PCB AntennaGaoke Company Gaoke is professional antenna maker, which focus on GSM/CDMA/3G/4G antenna, 2.4GHz (wifi, wlan)/3.5GHz (wimax)/5.8GHz/wi-fi amplifier communication antenna serial(including: all direction,3G parabolic antennas, panel antenna, indoor antenna like : PCB antenna, Wall Mount Antenna,...Read More

  • 5DBI Directional 3G Omni Antenna for Modem

    Contact Now5DBI Directional 3G Omni Antenna for ModemThis outdoor 3g antenna with high gain and high performance . the gain is meet 9dbi . the magnetic pull force more than 3KG . A reliable return loss of<11dB when mounted on a metal plate ensures it complies with the industry standards set by module makers and networks worldwide....Read More

  • Factory Price 3G 4G LTE external outddoor Antenna

    Contact NowFactory Price 3G 4G LTE external outddoor Antenna1. High Quality 4G 5dB SMA Antenna can be taken apart 2. Install by simply unscrewing your current antenna, and attach this antenna in its place 3. There are no drivers to install, and no modifications to your setup are necessary. 4. Please check if the connector does fit your router before bid 5. This 2600Mhz antenna features a tilt-and-swivel SMA male connector, allowing them to be used vertically,at a right angle, or any angle in-between. It is suitable as a replacement RF antenna for many access points and radios that are equipped with SMA male connectors including mobile, 3G/4G wireless pay phone, fixed commercial phone, PCMCIA card, navigation device, vehicle wireless device,3G/4G Router,3G/4G USB MODEMS and devices etc.Read More

  • Manufacture Flat Adhesive GSM dual Band Portable Antenna for Module

    Contact NowManufacture Flat Adhesive GSM dual Band Portable Antenna for ModuleA Quad-band antenna for embedded cellular devices. This GSM Patch antenna will allow you to connect your cellular module to the outside world. Operates on four frequencies. Comes with a 3M adhesive backing for mounting. Standard male SMA terminated.Read More

  • Manufacture Penta-band 2G/3G PCB GSM Antenna With RF1.13 Cable IPEX connector

    Contact NowManufacture Penta-band 2G/3G PCB GSM Antenna With RF1.13 Cable IPEX connectorThis high performance, low profile, PCB antenna is based on smart antenna technology. It consists of a PCB antenna and mini coaxial cable. The product is a high gain Penta-band 850/900/1800/1900/2100 antenna suitable for worldwide GSM, and WCDMA applications. Its high efficiency (60% average) makes it an ideal choice to pass telecom operator’s testing approvals. The product should be tested in free space conditions connected to the client’s cellular device. The details information please check the data sheet . We also have many other 2G/3G pcb antenna , Penta-band GSM Antenna , if want moore GSM internal antenna or customization antenna , please contact us right now .Read More