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  • 824-2170MHz 3G Portable/Rubber Antenna for Car

    Contact Now824-2170MHz 3G Portable/Rubber Antenna for CarProduct Introduction This 3G antenna is a robust high efficiency cellular antenna for use with all 2G/3G/ cellular modules worldwide. Its slim-line design allows for covert and convenient installation in automotive vehicles, its omni-directional gain across all bands ensures constant reception...Read More

  • High Gain Active mini GPS indoor patch Antenna

    Contact NowHigh Gain Active mini GPS indoor patch AntennaThis GPS patch antenna 13*13*4.5*/6.5mm (Ground Plane) 45mm Ø1.13 cable IPEX MHFI (U.FL) 28dB LNA Wide Input Voltage 2.7V to 3.3V Low Power Consumption RoHS Compliant . Specification Antenna Dimension Antenna actual receive Satellite test Actual satellite signal CN value test...Read More

  • 2.4ghz Mimo Patch WLAN Antenna With High Gain

    Contact Now2.4ghz Mimo Patch WLAN Antenna With High Gain1.Antenna Characteristics: 1.1 Concise beauty 1.2 Using air dielectric microstrip circuit feed,low loss,high gain 1.3The fixture is simple and easy to install 2. Antenna Application: 2.1 Applied to 2.4 GHz WLAN system 2.2Point to point or point to multipoint communication 2.3Supporting...Read More

  • High Gain GPS GLONASS Active Patch Antenna for Tracker

    Contact NowHigh Gain GPS GLONASS Active Patch Antenna for TrackerThis antenna is the most compact internal GPS/Glonass active antenna available on the current market. Its state-of-the-art technology allows for miniature without. With good coverage almost all the way to the horizon, it performs excellently in foliage or urban canyon environment - even in the presence of electromagnetic interference . Featuring diminutive and unparalleled performance, This is compatible with almost every GPS/Glonass receiver model on the markets and provides an excellent alternative for a vast range of GPS/Glonass applications including AVL, Vehicle Navigation, Aviation, and Military.Read More